Technical Review of AMD�s X6 1075T
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Technical Review of AMD�s X6 1075T

The AMD's new six-core chip-set is one of the best choice for hardcore programmers.

In the month of April 2010, AMD launched a couple of six-core CPUs, e.g., Phenom II X6 1090T and Phenom II X6 1055T. But none of them are very cheap compared to AMD’s quad-core and dual core CPUs. But compared to the Intel’s six-core CPUs, e.g., i7-980X, it is absolutely economical. The latest six-core AMD’s Phenom II X6 1075T, costing around one-fourth of the Intel’s chip is suitable for both performance and up-gradation. Though the AMD chip is not as efficient as the Intel’s, with the capabilities like dynamic clock speed and compatibility with the older motherboards like AM3, it can always be considered.

Even today, most of the work of daily computing and software can always run in one core of the CPU. Thus, unless you are a hardcore gamer or high-end programmer to somehow take the advantage of all the six cores available in the CPU chip, nothing would seem to speed up. Thus, many of the users are still continuing with the less expensive dual-core or quad-core CPUs for their computing works. One of the new addition in the Phenom II X6 1075T which makes it distinguished with its ancestors is the new dynamic core clock speed technology. This technology speeds up the CPU clock from 3 GHz up to 3.5 GHz automatically when a number of tasks are running simultaneously in the CPU. This technology is available in Intel chips since the mid of 2009 with the name “Turbo Boost”. But the father of this speed up technology is another huge innovator in the field of computing, i.e., IBM.

Thus, if you are working with the software like Sony’s video editor or Adobe’s creative suite, you can get a good speed up in the performance with the six-core CPUs. Gamers can also get advantages of multi-core CPUs in certain games. Thus, if you are editing a huge amount of HD video on a tight schedule or doing some content creation work, you may wish to go for Intel’s six-core CPUs. But you can also go for AMD’s 1075T considering the cost saving or if you are upgrading the existing motherboard, AMD’s chips are compatible though a BIOS update may be required.

In order to check the performance of the Phenom’s 1075T, a number of tests were performed. It was found that AMD’s chip performed well compared with Intel’s i7-870 in some cases such as with PCMark Vintage suite. Thus, in terms of its performance, both the CPUs may be considered as same. But, the AMD’s CPU is quite inexpensive compared to the Intel’s.


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